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Geophysical Systems for Vibration Prospecting (GEOSVIP)

  Established in January 1995, GEOSVIP has soon become a leading manufacturer of seismic vibrators for oil and gas industries of Russia and other CIS countries. 
  The company's brand-name, GEOSVIP - GEOphysical Systems for VIbration Prospecting - is well-known to geophysicists. GEOSVIP- built seismic vibrators operate in various geologic and climate conditions - from the cold of Northern Russia and Finland to the heat and humidity of Indonesia.
  Key personnel of GEOSCIP have a long, up to 15-30 years, experience in seismic vibrator design, manufacture, and service. These activities are provided by GEOSVIP's basic structural units - design office, manufacturing facility, field service department, and training center.
  Qualified service engineers are capable of dealing with all types of vibrators from different manufactures.
  Products and services:
  · Seismic vibrators, 14 to 30 ton peak force
  · Vibrator control electronics and QC systems
  · Off- the-road chassis
  · Vibrator spares and components
  · Vibrator startup, service, upgrade, and repair
  · Vibrator rental
  · VibroSeismic technologies to enhance oil recovery
  · Personnel training in vibrator operation and maintenance
  At present GEOSVIP manufactures six models of seismic vibrators, namely:
    SV-14/150 vibrator mounted on 6 x 6 off-the-road truck
    SV-20/150MTK vibrator mounted on 6 x 6 off-the-road truck
    SV-27/150-362 crab-steering buggy-mounted vibrator 
    SV-27/150BKG unit mounted on articulated hydrostatic-drive carrier
    SV-27/150K road-type unit mounted on 8 x 8 road truck, and 
    SVS24/PC27 tracked unit for Arctic operations at temperatures down to minus 50o C. 
  Built on order are self-propelled utility chassis - buggy type (field-convertible into a four-track chassis) and two-track type for Arctic operations.
  A patented technique (elaborated jointly with Institute of the Earth's Physics, RAN, Institute of Oil and Gas Research, RAN, and Russian Institute of Oil Geology) of using seismic vibrators to enhance oil recovery is a new and unique service we offer to the oil industry.
Geosvip-Built Seismic Energy Sources

    SV-14/150 Seismic Vibrator
   ·  14 t Shaker
   ·  URAL- 4320 (6 x 6) Chassis 
   ·  Meets Road Standards 
   ·  Complete Winterization
  SV-27/150K Seismic Vibrator
   ·  30 t Shaker
   ·  KAMAZ-6350 (8 x 8) Chassis
   ·  Meets Road Standards
   ·  Complete Winterization

  SV-27/150-362 Seismic Vibrator
   ·  30 t Shaker
   ·  Automatic Transmission Crab-Steering Chassis (4 x 4)
   ·  Applicable for Oil Field VibroSeismic Stimulation
      to Enhance Oil Recovery
  SVS24/PC27 Tracked Seismic Vibrator
   ·  30 t Shaker
   · Two-Track Chassis
   · Environmentally Safe Grouser Bars
   · Complete Winterization
   · Arctic Type Canopy
  SV-27/150BKG Buggy-Mounted Seismic Vibrator
   ·  30 t Shaker 
   ·  Articulated Frame Hydrostatic Drive Carrier
   ·  Meets Road Standards
   ·  Field Convertible into Four-Track Vehicle
  SV-20/150MTK Seismic Vibrator
   ·  20 t Shaker
   ·  KRAZ- 6322 Off-Road Chassis (6 x 6)
   ·  Meets Road Standards
   ·  Complete Winterization
   · 23.5-25, 28.1-25, 67x34.00-25, 66x43.00-25 or 66X44.00-25 Tire Options
     to Meet Varuous Terrain Requirements
   · Western-Built Hydraulic Circuit Components
   · Electronic Carrier-Control System
   · Meets Road Standards (With 23.5-25 Tires)
   · Independent Video Monitoring of Actuator Performance and
     Back-Up Movement
   · Winterization and Air-Conditioning Systems to Allow Operations in Various Climate Conditions
   · Automatic Control and Monitoring of Engine and Transmission Performance with Critical Parameters
   · 30-Ton Output Actuator
   · Unique Articulated-Frame Chassis (4 X 4)
  · Emission of P-Waves in a Wide, 5 to 450 Hz, Range for High-Resolution
    Seismic Operations
  · Compact-Design 5-Ton Output Actuator
  · Two-Track Hydrostatic-Drive Chassis With Rubber-and-Metal Tracks
  · Environmentally Friendly Due to Lower Specific Ground Pressure
  · Automatic Pressurization of Vibrator Hydraulic System
  · Smaller Size, Better Maneuverability and Higher Cross-Country Capacity