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Well Testing Equipment and Services (SIAM)






“SIAM” Company

SIAM Company is Russia's leading developer and manufacturer of diagnostic equipment and software for the oil industry for 17 years already. SIAM Company is one of the biggest Russian innovation companies, which is working in hydrodynamic research and diagnostic well. Since 1990 “SIAM” is operating in developing, manufacturing and servicing equipment and software for monitoring and diagnostics of oil producing wells. Having started with development and manufacturing of well testing equipment the company annually expanded scope of it’s activity and today SIAM is a dynamically developing company, having 10 branches in Russia and 2 in Republic of Kazahstan. It is the predominate characteristic of SIAM personnel, which promoted the Company’s development to a large – scale successful company – never to stop on the achieved just for a minute, always to go straight on, improving production and services, mastering innovative technology.
Principal directions of SIAM Company activity:
- Equipment for well testing operations.
- Well Testing.
- Reservoir Study.
- Production Optimization (Integrated Solutions based on Reservoir study and actual well testing field data)
Main products of SIAM company:
1 . Autonomous gauges to monitor the fluid level in oil producing wells

 Well level gauge «SUDOS-mini 2»

 Well level gauge «SUDOS-automat 2»
  2 . Autonomous gauges to monitor the operation of a sucker rod pumping unit:
Dynamometer “SIDDOS-mini”
3 . Autonomous pressure gauge-thermometers
Well Head pressure gauge-thermometer UMT-01
Also SIAM company producing:
1 . Portable well diagnostic unit
  • Portable well diagnostic unit “SIAM MASTER-mini”
  • Portable well diagnostic unit “SIAM MASTER-4K” intended for special well surveys
  • Portable well diagnostic unit “SIAM MASTER-4R” Portable well diagnostic unit intended for putting wells into production (well start-up)

2 . Autonomous gauges to monitor the operation of a sucker rod pumping unit

  • Dynamometer “SIDDOS-automat”
3 . Autonomous pressure gauge-thermometers
  • Pressure gauge-thermometer SAMT-02

1 . Program modules

1.1 Program module «TestSGNU»
1.2 Program module “Pressure”
2.3 Program module “WinLevel”
·         2. VIRTUAL DEVICES
2.1 Virtual device (program interface) of hardware-software unit (PHSU)“SIAM MASTER-2SGN”
2.2 Virtual device (program interface) of portable hardware-software unit (PHSU)“SIAM MASTER-2S”
2.3 Virtual device (program interface) of portable hardware-software unit (PHSU) “SIAM MASTER-2ESP”
  • Mobile diagnostic unit mounted on track with computer system
Mobile diagnostic unit “SIAMMaster – 2 TI
Mobile diagnostic unit “SIAMMaster – 2 SI
Mobile diagnostic unit “SIAMMaster – 2 BR
Mobile diagnostic unit “SIAMMaster – 2 GDIS
  • Software
  • Stands for control and adjusting of research equipment
  • Extra tools
Visual monitor unit “BVK-03
Radio extender “GAI-01
Radio extender “RU-02
Sound “ZT-01
Load transducer “DN-10U
Load transducer “DN-TR
Gas cylinder equipments GBO-02
Universal valve
Adapter USB-com
SIAM Company is giving service in reservoir development data acquisition. Also SIAM Company solves such problems as data acquisition, analysis and structuring information about reservoir being developed. Our company proposes solution of the problem  in respect of one well as well as in respect of reservoir, giving necessary information for oil companies to make any decision regarding development of oil fields.
Currently SIAM Company provides such services as:
-Planning, organization and implementation of hydrodynamic study of wells and field-geological survey.
-Interpretation, organization of storing and surgical access to research information
-Analysis of current state of reservoir development and modeling of oilfield