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 Submersible Sucker-rod Pumps (Elkam-Neftemash)

JSC “Elkam-Neftemash” is a designer and serial manufacturer of oil production equipment utilizing up-to-date machines and technologies:
· Cold radial forging of barrels by GFM (Austria) forging machine, producing high precision barrel stock with required finish of inside surface. The cold radial forging process ensures high operating performance and improves mechanical properties and strength of barrels.
· Vacuum ion-plasma nitriding (of barrels, plungers and etc.) producing a surface diffusion layer of specified depth and structure. This is an up-to-date surface hardening method, which enhances resistance to wear and corrosion as well as fatigue strength of products without the need for further finish machining.
· Hollow rod head shaping with RIO 100 SC electrical upsetting machine (of CEMSA S.p.a manufacture).
· Hard-alloy flame spraying, allowing to apply protective coatings of Ni-based, Co-based and etc. self-fluxing coatings. The powder flame spraying process is intended to protect external surfaces of part from corrosion, erosion, exposure to high-temperature and remedy defects of machining.
· Deep drilling, boring and honing of barrels.
· High-precision turning and burnishing of long rods, shafts and plungers.
JSC “Elkam-Neftemash” designs and manufactures the following equipment:
· Sucker-rod pumps of all sizes and modifications as per following standards: API-11AX, GOST 51896-02, OST 26.16.06-86;
· Special sucker-rod pumps for oil production in complicated conditions (viscous oil, solids, horizontal and deviated wells, low flow rates);
· Full range of units and assemblies for the SRPs;
· Additional equipment enhancing oil production of SRPs;
· Additional equipment enhancing oil production of ESPs;
· Wellhead and well recovery & repair equipment;
· Hollow rod equipment:
o Dual completion technology & equipment;
o Well flush and warm-up through hollow rods;
o Well warm-up (ARWD dismissal) with heater cable placed inside the hollow rod column;o Dual completion equipment and equipment for chemical reagents injection to the bottomhole formation zone;
o Well ties technology for small diameter casing;
o Well ties technology for sidetrack wells