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Wellheads and X-mas Trees (KORVET)

The company founded in 1964 and has been Russian leading manufacturer of valves for the demands of military-industrial complex. During the conversion period since 1991 Korvet JSC has been manufacturing equipment for furnishing oil and gas wells and pipeline equipment. This involved usage of previously gained experience and the potential of high technological manufacturing.
High quality and operational characteristics of the produced equipment along with price appeal allow Korvet jsc. to compete successfully with Russian and foreign manufacturers.
Since 1996 the working quality assurance system meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2000. All manufactured products are certified according to Russian GOST standard.
Wellhead equipment and pipeline valves meet requirements of API spec 6A and API 6D of the American Petroleum Institute. Since 1997 the company has had the license to manufacture products with API monogram.
Today company manufactures the following kinds of equipment:
wellhead equipment
conventional casing heads
conventional casing hangers
types of annulus seals
time saving casing heads
threaded suspension casing heads
water supply wellheads
tubing heads
tubing head with suspending adapter
tubing head with mandrel hanger
ESP tubing head
tubing head with wrap-around tubing hanger
horizontal (compact) x-mas trees
tools and accessories for well completion and maintenance work
x-mas trees
gate valves
ball valve choke
non-freezing check valves
stuffing boxes
blow out preventer (BOP) for polished rod
rod rotator
media separator
steel needle valves (samplers)
ball plug valve for pressure gauge
hummer (wing) unions
x-mas trees manifolds
  • manifolds for x-mas tree flow wing and annulus lines (hook)
  • manifolds for gas wells, methanol lines, blocks and units
pipeline equipment
  • pipeline gate valves
  • pipeline wedge gate valves
  • ball valves
  • swing check valves
  • shutoff valves
  • check valves
  • screen filters
fire fighting equipment