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Electrical Submersible Pumps (NOVOMET)

NOVOMET group of companiesis dynamically developing innovative company manufacturing Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESPs). Using cutting-edge technologies NOVOMET produces equipment for artificial oil lifting meeting all up-to-date challenges, provides full-complex services including sizing of equipment to suit unique well conditions and supervising.

Taking into account that the number of hard-to-extract oil reserves is increasing NOVOMET has oriented its strategy on design and mass production of equipment for harsh well environments. These are complete ESP systems from 319 to 744 series with head up to 11 500 ft and flow rate up to 37 700 bpd and systems for reservoir pressure maintenance including horizontal surface pumping systems and pit designs.

All NOVOMET products have been certified to international quality standard ISO 9001. In summer 2007 the company has successfully passed an external compliance audit and was awarded with new certificates: OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.
Products and services, major capabilities.

Novomet uses industry leading technologies to provide best-in-class complete ESP systems, including not only the main units such as VSD, pump, seal and motor, but as well a wide range of auxiliaries namely valves, sand traps, screens, gas handling devices, downhole multiphase pumps, intakes, downhole gauge systems, various filters and units for dosing scale and corrosion inhibitor compositions.

¨ Product lines:
Various designs
· Standard design
· Abrasion-resistant design
· Corrosion-resistant design
· Abrasion- and corrosion-resistant design

Equipment for high GOR wells
· Gas separator
· Gas-separator-handler
· Gas handler
Submersible electric motor and seal
· Asynchronous motor with varnish in the winding
· Asynchronous motor with epoxy in the winding
· Permanent magnet motor with varnish in the winding
· Permanent magnet motor with epoxy in the winding
Cable products
  • Spliced cable
  • Motor lead extension

Electrical equipment
  • Downhole sensor system
  • VSD
Sand trap
  • Upper sand trap
  • Lower sand trap
Downhole filter
  • Metal foam pump intake
  • Slotted screen pump intake
  • Downhole metal foam filter
  • Downhole slotted screen filter
  • Downhole unit for dosing inhibitor compositions
  • Downhole solids separator
Water injection system
  • Water injection system with submersible drive (downhole)
  • Water injection system with surface drive (downhole)
  • Horizontal surface pumping system (surface)
  • HSPS inside a self-contained enclosure (climate controlled)
Filter for water injection systems
  • Enclosed filter for injection wells
  • Self-cleaning filter for injection wells in an enclosure
  • Surface solids separator
Jet pump
  • System with jet pump
Test and repair benches